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Horus is a UK and Singapore based security consultancy. Our Team of multilingual researchers and highly experienced investigators navigate the complex world of corporate security on a global scale, serving a diverse spectrum of clients in sectors ranging from academia to technology and banking to pharmaceuticals. We deliver security solutions drawing from a myriad of digital sources on a daily basis to better inform your business decision making.

The Horus Difference

Quality Team: A core group of employees, drawn from leading Universities, is augmented by a cadre of experienced security consultants with Military, Specialist Police and Governmental intelligence and security backgrounds.

Technology: The Horus Analysis and Research Tool (HART) provides our analysts with an unrivalled open source research capability, coupled with the Horus Online Screening System (HOSS) which supports the management of the screening process.

Compliance: Horus is able to provide security solutions that ensure compliance with a number of legislative and regulatory bodies, including; the Home Office and the British Standards Institute.

Legal Approach: With our own Legal Counsel advice, all Horus activity is fully compliant with current legislation both within the UK and in all other countries that we operate. All information is ethically sourced, auditable and fully disclosable.

Horus Clients are individuals and as such all our products are tailored to their needs.



Horus has successfully developed a unique and comprehensive range of intelligence-led, complementary capabilities through working closely with Academia and both the Public and Private Sectors.  These capabilities are based on a powerful combination of experience, technology, innovation and ethics, developed through;

  • Best People
  • Best Technology
  • Best Process  

Horus has successfully blended the comprehensive experience and knowledge of former law enforcement and intelligence operators with the innovative thinking and technological skills of high-quality academics from leading Global Universities.

Horus has an innovative approach to technology, maintaining flexibility by using a unique Tool-Kit, which harnesses a blend of powerful search engines and collection tools, enabling Horus to maintain a state-of-the-art approach to the collection of open-source information.

Horus bases its approach to open-source research and counter-intelligence investigations on the tried and tested Intelligence Cycle and National Intelligence Model.

Despite significant growth Horus has remained flexible, with a client-focussed proportionate approach to security challenges, providing relevance and context.


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